The Factory alternative art school and Do It Different projects are part of an expansive artwork by Morgan Tipping that is housed within and extends beyond The Workhouse, Southwell.

Do It Different is commissioned by Trust New Art and Arts Council England and has been co-created in collaboration with mobility-diverse and neurodiverse young people from two residential homes in Nottinghamshire and adults from Nottingham Mencap.

The Do It Different projects are made in collaboration with filmmaker Tommy Chavannes, illustrator Mel Rye , musician Dav Shiel , East Anglia Records and dancers from Level.

The project process, exhibition and art trail are inspired and shaped by the diverse sensory experiences of the artists involved and encompass visual, sonic, somatic and movement art forms. Through these projects we creatively break the historic rules and routines of The Workhouse and explore contemporary factors that enforce or maintain marginalisation in the present.

East Anglia Records and Simon van Stipriaan collaborated to create Do It which not only documents but reflects the sensory and participatory ethos that underpins every aspect of the art school projects.